On Sunday, in the morning, the sun is shining on the unsuspecting sky.
You think, the time is standing, when you going through the empty streets
No track, of terror, no sign of a furious war.
Maybe a thunderstorm, a hurican, or a natural disaster

But suddenly, a thunderstorm rancour, far from here on the endless sky
A growl like engine noises, shock the ground and the still atmosphere
B-52 are flying on the sky, sirens are wailing, peoples (are) running helpless around(the Streets)…
Chanceless, delivered, this war is the begining of the end

Refr.: Countless bombers flyes away
to destroy the holy earth
when they blast all citys and streets
they kill the people and they make a bloody ground

Crevasses on the streets and fields
no chance for the animals
bombing without regardless of loss
and bombs are falling over around the sky

The day after, a bloody red sky, the sun is sinking forever on the heaven
Ruins, destroyed buildings, bloody corpses are lying on the streets away
No survivoring people, only some birds, and they are flying in the curse of the sun
A lifeless planet, without use, created in no time

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