Huge and menacing you lie ahead
No path you did reveal to me
And fate drives me to your peak
Where my doom shall be concealed

(lead – Hilbert)

Darkness hides your traps
And unnumbered cliffs wait
To be my icy tombstones
Hidden, when at last I failed

(lead – Mai)

The hopeful morning far away
A misty moon betrays my yearn
Harsh frost benumbs my limbs
As weakness fills my universe

All my effort, fruitless and cursed
While the tearless heavens burst
Thus crushed to the snowy ground
And in a last vision I am drowned

My chest’s corroding, the white’s bloodstained
The rotten life-stream escapes from my flesh
And having innocence denied the pain amplifies
That the sweet taste of suffering won’t be soiled

(lead – Hilbert)

A bloodily devoured corpse I’ll be soon
Unremembered through this silent tune
A carnal manifest against salvation
Locked in a black hole of damnation

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