Honey I’m home! The infection goes on
Unable to focus
Between all these deafening screams, cries and tinnitus
Their tears like falling from the ceiling
Run on me and disappear into the mud
Babies cry the always do
Babies cry they always do
And their whispering my name
Trying to find a way to escape
The thing runs through me and it’s steams are orgasmic
I stare at this open point, fascinating black hole
They’re unborn but in my dreams
Unborn infected children
Goodbye kids
Dad will never forsake you it’s opening under me
All these faces at the same time
I can see them grab my tattered hands sweating
I can see them grab my tattered… nothing to lose
A macabre wetness covers my envelope
I’ve nothing left
Fear and tetany anesthetize my members
This thing so painful inside me is tamed for now
I bend under their weight
Mortal remains dissolving in killing silence
I scratch the ground until I break my nails
To keep them alive
My hands covered with juice

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