…And from the darkness I’ll awake
I’ll walk to you into your deepest fears
My hunger… my eyes are blind
I’m the chosen one Dreadful

Images of a tragic existence to rescue from the oblivion,
from the oblivion
I shall rise.

In rapture agony I die transform
My flesh in dust The
Immortal evil majesty
Walk over this frozen fantasy

From the oblivion he shall rise
From the oblivion we shall rise
Glaring eyes.
View of eternity.

Starving eyes, mouth of an entity
Which collide with
Daylight Which defeat the inmense sculpture
A fallen martyr drowned on soil

Eons from me, from my sacred sanity.
May I find my path.
Path of betray and envy
I herein on finish less night
Dream on the ehtereal slumber.

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