You look at me like you’ve been saved
From another one that got away.
So I’m your latest cup of tea
To keep your cold hands company,
And I will warm you.
I will calm you down.
Until those waters
Are ready to be sailed upon,
Under a honeymoon.
Under a honeymoon.

You say you’ve never felt this way
At least not this early.
We decide to hold nothing back ?€“
We’ll act how we want to act.
And so, eventually, we became pretty good actors.
Acting and reacting and acting and reacting
Under a honeymoon.

We know the sun is gonna rise,
We tell ourselves to act surprised,
We’re comforted in our denial
That dark love can be reconciled
Oh please, oh please, ?€?. reconcile me
From all these bad actors,
All these bad endings.

Under a honeymoon;
We want what we’re not and we don’t want to stop
’cause it feels right ?€“
or at least it’s feeling good,

?€?.at least it feels good?€?

I always fall in love too soon,
Caught beneath the glow of a honeymoon

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