When I was nowhere
You knew where that was
I never lost my way
And You were the cause

When I was no one
Gonna end it right there
You stood behind me
I never knew You cared

You heard my heart break
Felt the pain of my fall
You were there to save me
And waited for my call

I lived without You
Like You were not there
You never gave up on me
I never knew You cared

Now I hear You
Now I see You
Now I understand

I wanted everything
That wasn?t nailed down
I wanted happiness
But not You around

You see my weakness
And still You?re prepared
To let them nail You down
I never knew You cared

I came to Your arms
From where I was then
Broken, You were crucified
It was for me that You died
You?re my pride

Now I hear You

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