What is Love?
A word that we fail to attain or even comprehend.
Misused. Abused. Forsaken.
Can you ever truly trust someone?
Is it possible to truly know someone?
Some hearts are vulnerable.
The reason people leave it wide open.
While other hearts are made of stone.
Allowing no one in.
Full of remorse & grief.
Fear of the Unknown.
Fear of Love.
Why continue living like this?
An ongoing pattern of unnecessary hurt.
Lost in a world of destruction.
Digging your own grave in the dirt.
Deprived of freedom
Trapped in chains of disgrace
Who can set you free–Who can set you free?
Only One.
The One who knew you before you knew yourself.
The One who forgives and is full of Mercy.
The Definition of Love.
God is the One, God is Love.
No longer will you seek unpromising, worldly pleasure.
Open your eyes!
Open the eyes of your heart and let the Lord in.
You will find refuge in the shadow of his wings.
His grace is sufficient.
His Love never fails.
His love never fails
Unfailing Love

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