By a twist of luck I saw you
Last night at JFK
We thought about you constantly
And when I wrote I knew not what to say.
My head was filled with fantasises
Of things I remember you said
The closer that we got, the further
We were pulled apart.
It’s a villain’s life I’m living,
It’s a villain’s price I pay.
It’s a villain’s way of beliving,
That I’ll never see you again
It’s a villain’s life I’m living
It’s a villain’s world of pain
It’s a villain’s way believing
I’ll never see you again.
I dream your face in visions as I gaze into the past.
I think about what might’ve been
But the distance made sure it wouldn’t last
And I only have your number
Written beneath your name and address
Well it’s just another number
This is just another mess.

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