I will kill all christians whith much fun,
To be see a painful dead.
Jesus pulls you into his faith,
And he makes blind your eyes.

If i see my destiny.
It is no reality.
If you are on the wrong side,
Jesus kills your beauty bride.

Wake up from your sleep,
Before the Jesus comes into your dream.
He will makes you blind,
To control your mind.

Take my hands,close your eyes,
And come with me to the hell.
Be happy when you die,
And enjoy this violence of evilflesh.

In your hands your can read
About you destiny in reality.
Jesus will takes your life
He makes your body to a slave.

If you want to be alive
Come with me and die.
Than you life without christ
And you are happy when you die.

Open your eyes you are free
No Jesus in this dream.
You have win against the strenght
Which has Jesus send up into your dream.

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