Born to a bitch. Born to ill. Swallow your pill
Waste our days. Turn to the pipe. Pitiful life
Unknown father. Whore of a wife. Get your wife
Darkness reigns in you soul. You’ll never be whole

Waste of life. Waste of death, suicide
Stick the knife in your throat. piece of shit
Why wait? Don’t hesitate, take your life
One slice. End your life. Suicide

Useless, unemployed. Can you feel the void
Monthly check. Free of charge and you’re living large
Societal drain, put a bullet in your brain
Ease our pain
Procreate like you will breed your hate
Takes no skill

Praise the Lord in your cell. What a waste of time
Fictitious front for the man. You’re running a scam
Out again, like before and you’re looking to score
Circle of life
Circle of death
Take your life
Your last breath

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