Sitting on cloud, making jokes to the crowd
Telling tales of the sun, and how it begun
Spin the world of time with my help you’ll be fine
Life is worth a while, if everyone would smile

Smile and sing alone, we won’t blame no one
Unleash colours within, the world is set aspin

You say you’re one of a kind
But I don’t belive in you that much
I say that we all are one no matter what colours we are
Because the colour of you is me where would be without
a helping
hand? And somenone that understand?
The soapbox opera of a daily grey
will play from the cradle to the grave.

Throw your soul away like a coin in the wishing well
But there is no need to gamble, you can’t win this game
is rigged
And once the game is played, where would you go
when you’re already won?
The road to the goal is what matters and now we’re
taking off.

Smile and sing a song, we hope you’ll come along
Unleash colours within, the world is set aspin

Remember how we used to play when
we we’ve kids and the world was new.
Well, I am still the silly one,
the same althrough my face has changed.
I have a beard and my hair is longer, but I still don’t
have a job
So I’ll keep on staring at the skies asking my, when
what whys

All join as one, turn the moon into a sun

Come in from the cold, relax you’re home
Safe and sound, so dry your eyes

Someone borrowed something blue, heaven’s losing 0 for
Winter’s old when spring is new, grace let
the sunshine warm our frozen hearts
And in time you will
Three times a charm, when love is a part of everything
you will

See us sail on a single raindrop through a web of
We can play any tune we’d like. Cause they’re all alive
Paper people on fragile feet, all give in to the human
Share our vision everlasting: we are one in the light

Through the sun and into the unknown, we cast our
And the weight of the world at our backs, were left
behind on the track
Sunshine people you carry the wind, that will turn the
whole world arround
Winter mornings melt into spring,
the call of summer and choirs will sing la la la.

You said you were one of a kind
But I did not think you looked like much
You told me of rivers and mountains, a simple world
left untouched
But time has a funny way of telling the truth at the
very end
And now I see that you are me, a child with grownups

You told me that life was a doorway
that we should walk through

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