We’ve splashed in the streams in the canyons nearby
Where the walls are so old you can see them bleed time
The stream cut the land a gash long and deep
And we played in the wound dancing on history
But back in the town I’ve stayed in time cage
Where once every year they shout out my age
And there’s much talk of work and of money and land
But it’s useless to me ’cause I’ve got bigger plans

So will you meet me on the bank
Of a river that will take us far away
We’re just two kids playing in the stream
And don’t worry ’bout the rent
We can trust that this current will take us to
A land where we’ll be our own lords

The traps everywhere
A ruthless time line
And we follow in fear
That we might fall behind
That we might fall behind
But I’m not leaving joy
For the book-ends of life
So I’m renouncing my age
And I’m going on strike
And no age will suffice
I’m leaving this behind

If prime-time TV and credit card debt
If a new auto lease and real estate investments
Are all that we have, then we’re already dead
So let’s rob our own graves and sneak out of this pen
And there’s only one place where we can escape
And that’s on the run so that’s where we’ll stay
And we’ll leave what we own and we’ll leave what we know
But we’ll be together so we’ll always be home
We’ll always be home

So will you meet me on the shore
Of an ocean to restore us to ourselves
We’re just two kids playing in the sand
We’ll build castles to the sky
And won’t worry ’bout the tide
Because we know what we create can not survive
We’re only in this for the ride

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