[Master P talking]Look Pezee. What’s happening?
This how we gonna do this one here baby.
Ya heard me! Ain’t no stoping me and No Limit baby!

[Chorus]Platium and gold it’s lights out
Drop Bentleys thats what im bout
Been there and done the things in my life time
Hustle til the day that I die
Folks magizines is dont lie
Been there and done the things in my life time

[Master P]If a house cost less then a mill I dont want it
If it say Bently you know im gon flount it
I keep keep it ghetto I dont change the game
I meen 85% thats a hell of a thing
Now if it dont make dollars then it dont make cents
I know yall lil niggaz cant do it again
I meen I rock big ice and I roll with big cars
I ship em platium and they brake me off
Now the girls gon jock me you cant knock me
I hold the street so my real thugs got me
The ghetto bill and they screaming my name
I worf fo hundred mill and Im still the same
I meen I still drink kool aid mix it with cris
I still run with the boys put 20’s on 6
Bandana T-shirts call me ghetto instead
7 figgas hard hitters nothing less than that

[chorus 1x]

Seen cribs that jock the gold ceiling
Ever been in a house with big wheeling
The new 6 Im the first in line
75 million records that a hell of a rhyme
I dont talk about it whodi I makes it happen
Im be rich even when I stop rapping
Call me Jack Pimping but it aint no front
Got 2 acounting chicks just to count my money
Genus book of records is where I be
Take a trip to Paris to buy some silk sheets
Got super models in a beana ba dam
Brought a couple tour buses with studios in em
And if it’s cold I got minks for months
Import cigars from Cuba just to smoke my blunts
Cause I dun balled in a Aveator filled my dreams
Fours top ten thats some hell of a green


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