The moonlight dies on my coat
As I walk with hands in my pockets
Head down against the wind howling to break my spirit
The streetlamps put me in the spotlight
But there?s no audience, not today
The song melts away and words lose their meaning
And now I?m just wandering… looking for you

You see, I never figured out what the storm meant
That endless torrent of anger
I.. I took it so personally
But it wasn’t me you hated
Ultimately, no
It was you, and I tried to tell you
The more negativity you spread in our world
The darker it becomes
And you know, the worst part of all of this
Is that there’s no love in your life
Not for me, not for yourself, not for anyone

And what pains me more than even your absence
Is that… I don’t know…
I’m not even sure if you can learn how
It takes a village to raise a child, you know
And it sounds harsh to me
But I think a part of yours is missing
I don’t know if you’re depressed or what
But the thing you never saw was
I was there to help you
You never saw that
You never realised that I wasn’t your enemy
That pains me the most

We should never forfeit the good things in life because of the bad
I don’t cry for myself, why would I?
I’m content with my lot I suppose but
Seeing you the way you are?
I can’t handle that
Believe me I tried, how I tried
Everyone these days writes about broken dreams
Whether love is worth the pain
You know, sometimes the most valuable things
Are the hardest to hold onto

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