How many times I wondered just how many tears he cried,
how many sleepless nights he had and how many he denied.
Now that your strength is fading, you can have some of mine.
Don?t be afraid when darkness falls I know that your stars will shine.
How many times I wondered just how many tears you shed,
how many times you broke your heart I swear I will not forget.
Never a word in anger and never you did complain.
You try to protect the ones you love by hiding away the pain.

This is the place I go when I need to know we will carry on cos? you are
the one who?d say that you use to pray when dreams come crashing

This is the place this is the time?
When dreams come crashing down.
So many years of marriage and how many will remain,
and how many prayers we sent to god in the hope we will meet again.
Look in our eyes and tell me, what is it you can see?!
The love that you give throughout your life echoes the eternity?

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