Just when I thought I had lost you
Cause I put the book back on the shelf and hid in the shadows of myself
Somehow I kept coming across you
Even in valleys of despair, your voice was speaking to me there

And you said:
“Child, oh child, give me your burdens
My hands are strong enough to hold all of the doubts that i¬‚ood your soul
Faith that’s strong is not always certain
So blessed are you when you believe all of the things you cannot see

Take my hand and let me guide you
I know what it’s like to feel alone; I walked a path you’ve never known
Feel my words burning inside you
They’ll be a candle in the dark; keeping the shadows from your heart

Child, oh child, I’m gonna reach you
Even when you’re too lost to pray; even when your faith slips away
In the end I’m gonna meet you
Cause just when your feet fall out of line, and just when you think you’re left behind
I’m gonna leave the ninety-nine; I’m gonna i¬nd you every time
I changed your heart with just a word; I’ll speak again to change your mind
I wasn’t scared to bear your hell, so I think I’ll bear your doubts just i¬ne”

God, my God, the way that you keep me
When daily I put you on a shelf, and hide in the shadows of myself
You’re the only thought that moves me completely
Though I may stumble down this road, I know your gracious arms will lead me safely home

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