Can you feel the spirit of a pleasant rain
And do you hear the flute of the summer sun
What would you do, if the light was taken away
So let me take you back through the days

Cold war legacy of hostility in the 80’s
Lies in hibernation in a concrete bed
Somewhere in Russia, somewhere in Siberia
Missiles aging on forgotten ground

The clock is running fast, and every day goes on again
We’re lying on the grass, all in a daze
Remember the past, may the times not come back again
As long as we can run, we will go our way

When the clocks return to zero
We’re gonna figure it out
We will face the facts
It’s the end of the millennium

Do you see the future’s end to come
And do you know what may lie ahead
Will time be in the mood to save the day
Will time stop counting to take our breath

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