I take a look, into the night.
Darkness everywhere, no stars on the sky.
Far from here, there is a light.
But everything is ablaze, this is the hell.

In the name of satan and hell.
You will stearing through the eyes of the death.
You will see a history like a dream.
You will see the place where the angels die.

Open your eyes and take a look behind your brain.
Look into another world.

Going through a dakness night
No stars on the sky.
The full moon show?s you the way
To the end of the earth.
He?s shining red like the
Blood in you soul.
It?s the best atmosphere
For a jurney through the wood.

Far from here you will see a light.
A glaring illumination at the end of heaven.

Demons are dancing in/around a circle
In the middle is a fire.
Angels are hanging over it
To grill the like a pig.
Their wings are ablaze.
Their bodys are burned out.
This is the place
Where the angels die.

Suffer in your head.
Blood is in your eyes.
Darkness in your brain.
You have lost your soul.

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