La La La La La La La La La La La (x4}

Chorus (x2)
This is where the demons stay
My radio, believe me, I like it loud
I’m the man with the box, cuz

I keep the spirits all around me
Can’t you feel the cold air from your speakers pounding?
Saying this is where the demon stay
In your head, like a song that you can play all day.
This is not the Temptations in your tape deck
Let your cd player skip, don’t open or hit eject
Cause it needs your full attention
It’s the only way to get inside your head so you can see the whole vision

Chorus (x4)

You are tuning into something, out of the ordinary, not your everyday frequency
Pull the antenna up, try to adjust the dial, on every station all you hear is me
Giving you underground warrior sound waves, in other words a little history
My radio’s possessed with nothing but the best demons that ever grabbed the M-I-C

Chorus (x4)

Can you hear the sound? {Can you hear me?}
Coming from all around
This is the underground
That we all speak of
Turn the volume up
And let the whole world know
That you always keep a demon inside your stereo

Chorus (x5)

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