Every smole has turned into a frown /
Every green has faded into brown /
Every peace has turnes into a fight /
Every day has turned into a night /
And the world, once colourful and free, is caving in and all comes down
on me /
so why should I keep going on? /
Still words remain unspoken, feelings left unfelt /
So I take this token and throw it in the wishing well /
I wish I could come clean again /
I wish I could recall the time when everything was all right /
Every time I laugh every time I smile, telling everybody that I feel fine, it?s
a lie /
Every love always had to go /
Every friend has turned into a foe /
And the world is empty all around, for I see the things I gaven?t found /
So why should I be hopeful now?! /
Can I free my mind from all I?ve left behind /
Loves of every kind and still it seems as though I?m blind /
I?ll do the hardest thing forgive myself ? for everything I am ?

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